Corrected SCRIP announcement with Form attached

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Scrip Gift Certificates and Gift Cards will be on sale this Sunday, November 1st. Gift cards will be returned on November 8th.

CUMC has been participating in Scrip as one of our main fundraisers for more than 10 years. What is Scrip? Scrip is a program where you pre-pay for things that you plan to buy anyway, but the participating businesses donate a portion of your purchase towards the charity or school. You get the FULL amount of the gift card that you purchase (e.g. pay $25, get a $25 gift card).

Attached you will find one of our order forms. You can fill this out ahead of time, or pick one up at the scrip table in the hub on Scrip Sundays. Please don’t forget your checkbook on Sundays!

What difference does my participation make????

Great question. A little can go a long way.

Example A: One couple in our church has bought $300 worth of grocery gift cards from us each month for 5 years.

Let’s do the math:

$300 X 4% rebate from Fred Meyer=$12/month extra giving X 12 months= $144/year X 5 years = $720

Example B: Another family of 4 purchases $500 in groceries, $50 in pet supplies, $100 in clothing, $40 in fast food, and $50 in dining out each month for 5 years.

Let’s do the math:

$500 X 4% rebate from New Seasons, $50 X 8% from Petco, $100 X 10% from Macy’s, $40 X 8% from Burgerville, $50 X 12% from McMenamin’s =

$43.20/month X 12 months= $518.50 X 5 yrs = $2592

Some of the businesses are local, and some are national. If you buy regularly from a business, but do not see it on our list, ask us about it. We can look to see if they do Scrip through one of our two carriers.

If you give gift cards for the holidays, get yours through our Scrip program and give twice. Also, we offer a tax receipt to those purchasing gift cards for the express purpose of donating to our Christmas Sharing program (Fred Meyer works best for Christmas Sharing).

You may have heard that CUMC is not meeting budget needs this year. This is an easy way to help without spending any more money than you would typically spend. It takes a little budgeting for some, but most people find that once they get started, it is easy to do this regularly. We have 3 more “Scrip Runs” this year. Try to participate in all three, and see what a difference you can make. (We will be accepting orders November 1st, December 6th, and December 13th.)

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