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Our mission is to create disciples of Jesus Christ who connect, serve, and grow in our community. Located in Cedar Mill, a Western suburb of Portland, OR, we have become a regional church which includes members living in Tigard, Beaverton, Forest Heights, Bethany, Aloha, Hillsboro, and other nearby communities. All are welcome here.

Meet Pastor Ric Shewell

Ric came to Christ UMC in the summer of 2017. He comes to us most recently from St. Paul’s UMC in Idaho Falls, and has previously served churches in the Boise and Kansas City areas.  He holds a Master of Divinity from Nazarene Theological Seminary and is currently working on a Doctor of Ministry from St. Paul School of Theology. Ric and his wife, Joanna, have two adorable children, Clementine and Lewis, and two okay dogs, Zoe and Elliot. He’s is passionate about connecting people to Christ and spreading the word about God’s love for everyone. When he’s not writing sermons or getting coffee with a church member, you can find him exploring the NW with his family, going for runs, reading comic books, and dreaming about a clean office. Please feel free to drop Pastor Ric a line anytime! He’d love to hear from you! 

Church Staff

Rev. Ric Shewell, Pastor, pastorric@cumcpdx.org
ElaineLedbetter-150x150 Elaine Ledbetter, Facilities Director, facilities@cumcpdx.org
KimGorman Kim Gorman, Director of Children, Youth, and Family Ministries, ministries@cumcpdx.org
JeffKauffman Jeffrey Kauffman, Music Director, music@cumcpdx.org
  Wesley X. Yurovchak, Communications Director, communications@cumcpdx.org
Kevin Gatlin, Custodian, custodian@cumcpdx.org

Leadership Team

Core Leadership
Ric Shewell, Pastor
Alan Morris, Co-Lay Leader
Beth Lepire, Co-Lay Leader
Church Council
Jim Schulz, Chair
Alicia Burbidge, Secretary and Treasurer
Beth Lepire, Co-Lay Leader and Lay Member to Annual Conference
Alan Morris, Co-Lay Leader
Larry Burbidge, Trustee Chair
Rose Hubbard, Staff Parish Relations Chair
Dan Moseler, Stewardship Chair and Lay Member to Annual Conference
Jane Brillhart, Finance Secretary
Jan Styner, Membership Secretary
Kim Gorman, Director of Children, Youth and Family Ministries
Bea Cook, United Methodist Women
Jeff Kaufman, Music Director
Staff Parish Relations
Rose Hubbard, Chair
John Cagle
Scott Erickson
Michelle Chauprasert
Amy Hoffert
Barb Schulz
Ross Simmons
Amy Stevens
Terry Styner
Stewardship Dan Moseler, Chair
Rose Hubbard , Secretary and Chair, SPRC
Beth Lepire, Co-Lay Leader
Alan Morris, Co-Lay Leader
Kim Gorman, Director of Children, Youth and Family Ministries
Alicia Burbidge, Treasurer
Rosemary Baker, Trustees
Jane Brillhart, Finance Secretary
Ashley Armstrong, Endowment Fund
Karen Callin, Memorials Fund
Judi Hanson, Preschool Treasurer
Paula DeVore
Larry Burbidge, Chair
Joel Brillhart, Secretary
Rosemary Baker
Joe Igla
Moon Pak
Elaine Ledbetter, Facilities Director
Kim Gorman, Director of Children, Youth and Family Ministries
Judi Hanson, Treasurer
Crystal Carlson
Carin Stronchek


 We have an active and dynamic preschool. Learn more about the Preschool here.

Community Garden

 A community garden has been developed for members of the church and the community. Learn more here.


 Would you like to explore your faith journey or church membership with our pastor? Please contact the Church office or phone (503) 646-1598.

Supporting our Ministries

 The ministries of our church are only made possible through the prayers, participation, and faithful financial support of our members and regular attenders. Learn more about how you can support our ministries here.

A brief history of Christ UMC

Christ United Methodist Church was established in 1963, and soon began building a worship center, offices, and meeting rooms to serve the Cedar Mill community.

The congregation developed a strong education program, prompting the need for a building to accommodate a growing Sunday School, and to provide a kindergarten and preschool for the area.

Through the years the church grew in numbers, programs and outreach ministries. By the mid-1980′s it became clear the congregation had outgrown the existing space and plans were developed for a new kitchen, offices, and rooms. Continued growth required us to begin conducting worship services in our worship center (Memorial Hall) on a regular basis.

In order to support the growing children, youth, and family ministries, an additional education building was constructed and opened in the fall of 1994. We have become a regional church, serving the people in the surrounding communities with a wide variety of programs and opportunities for fellowship and outreach ministry.