River City House of Praise – The Chimes

December 22, 2013 – River City House of Praise

The River City House of Praise performers present “The Chimes” by Charles Dickens.

River City House of Praise

About River City House of Praise: In 2004 an evening rehearsal of A Christmas Carol led creators Brett Strobel, pastor of Christ United Methodist Church, and actors/writers Bobbi Kidder, Ed Gangner and Melinda Strobel to the brainstorm of a radio-style worship service which, with humor, pointed out the foibles of the church, allowed us to laugh at our spiritual misconceptions, and re-introduced some classic Christian literature.

First presented in July 2012, River City House of Praise is offered 4-6 times a year. New sketches are written for each episode, as is special music (composed by Jeff Kauffman). This is church like you’ve never experienced it before–good-natured, rib-tickling humor mixed with sound effects and audience interaction. It’s a new way to learn about God and giggle at the foibles of the church.

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