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Our mission as Christian educators and caregivers of young children is to give and teach the love of God to each child. At Christ United Methodist Church Preschool (CUMC Preschool), we seek to provide an atmosphere in the classroom that helps us express through word and action that each child is a unique creation of God, special and loved by God, worthy of love, kindness and respect from others. While at CUMC Preschool, children are immersed in an educational, hands-on, fun environment that teaches God’s love in the creation of humankind and our world through literature, science, art, mathematics and dramatic play activities. These activities are also used to teach and model loving each other as families, friends, teachers and students.

CUMC Preschool follows a developmentally appropriate curriculum as outlined by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Each child is encouraged to grow at his or her own pace through interaction with people and materials. Through this interaction, the children acquire the fundamental skills they need. Our preschool provides an environment that engages the children to grow socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively to the extent of their abilities and interest.

Christ United Methodist Preschool: 503-646-2265